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A full service consulting company, with over 40 years of experience, let our experienced consulting team help you with all your business needs, from starting a new business to expert advice on a existing business.

Specializing in: 

Business Marketing, Data Analysis, Restaurant Consulting, Organic Foods and Natural Farming, Sustainable Living, Tourism, Real Estate-Sales, Rentals, Renovation, Construction.  

English and Greek Interpretations.


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Dimitris Farm and Vineyard


A 200 old year Farm and Vineyard , located on the island of Lipsi Greece, offering all natural wine and many other natural products, hosting students from around the World, for study abroad and volunteer programs.

Greek Island Real Estate


A Real Estate Service offering, rental property, homes for sale,land for sale,timeshares, commercial real estate, on the mainland of Greece and all the Greek Islands.

Nikitas Village & Study Abroad Greece


Live, Learn, Discover Greece.

Saint George Farm


Located in central Greece, near the town of Agrino, St Georges Farm is an organic farm, with  hundreds of olive trees, lemon and orange trees, a vineyard, live stock and  vegetable gardens, we will be hosting students and volunteers from the months of October to April. 

Stamatias Kitchen


Located in the center of Athens, Stamatias Kitchen will be teaching traditional Greek cooking with all natural Greek products from all areas of Greece, the classes will be held by appointment only and are open to the public,classes will also be held for our study abroad students.

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